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The Company

Corev America is a Texas corporation founded in 1982 to manufacture and market technologically advanced architectural coatings,  adhesives, sealants, paints and exterior wall insulation systems.

With international operating experience, Corev America draws from a wealth of knowledge in construction materials technology, environmental conditions and applications science.

The Technology

Corev materials are water-based and environmentally friendly compositions of four groups of raw materials:

The Vehicle, or binder, is made of acrylic polymers which give the finish coatings important performance characteristics such as flexibility, permeability and UV resistance.  

The Fillers are primarily high purity silica and quartz.  These fillers are inert and have extremely low iron content, tremendous hardness and low absorption.  These characteristics contribute to long term color stability and surface resistance.

The Colorants used are inorganic oxides which provide the highest UV resistance.  These colorants are mixed into the finishes during the manufacturing process and become an integral part of the formulation.

The Additives are chemicals incorporated into the formulations to enhance performance characteristics such as water repellence and mildew or fungus resistance, or to address installation concerns such as material open time, drying time, slump or workability.

Corev is committed to manufacturing industry standard materials by formulating only with the most technologically advanced and highest quality components. Corev’s research and development team is constantly testing, adapting and incorporating the latest in-house and industry developments into our products in order to continue to offer products that are long lasting, high performance, aesthetically appealing and well priced. Corev’s product development is purely customer driven, related to our dedication to keeping our customers ahead of their competition.

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