Adhesive/Basecoat Mixture uses a mix ratio of two parts UNIBASE to one part Portland cement by weight. This ratio provides an acrylic-rich adhesive and basecoat that dries to a strong and durable yet flexible coating with excellent adhesive and weather resistant properties.

Use recommended

UNIBASE Adhesive/Basecoat Mixture is used to adhere expanded polystyrene insulation board (EPS) to approved exterior substrates and to layer EPS to EPS in order to create unique architectural details. COREVNET reinforcing meshes are embedded in the UNIBASE Mixture to create the basecoat lamina for the PRECOR EIFS. UNIBASE Mixture may also be used without EPS to level surfaces of concrete or unit masonry in preparation for application of Corev finish coatings. UNIBASE Mixture should never be applied directly to wood substrates of any kind.

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