Water Resistant Basecoat Mixture uses a mix ratio of two parts UNIBASE-WP to one part Portland cement by weight. This ratio provides an acrylic-rich basecoat that dries to a strong and durable yet flexible coating with excellent adhesive and weather resistant properties. UNIBASE-WP differs from the standard UNIBASE-STTM in that it is formulated to provide higher resistance to moisture.

Use recommended

For the PRECOR EIFS System, COREVNET reinforcing meshes are embedded in the UNIBASE-WP Mixture to create the basecoat lamina. UNIBASE-WP may also be applied as the secondary barrier coating over approved substrates for the PRECOR-SB System. In EIFS applications where the surface slope is less that 45%, the use of UNIBASE-WP is required, and in no case should the slope be less than 20%. UNIBASE-WP Mixture may also be used without EPS to provide moisture resistance and to level surfaces of concrete or unit masonry in preparation for application of Corev finish coatings. UNIBASE-WP Mixture should never be applied directly to wood substrates of any kind.

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