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Seeking Distributors

Corev America is seeking distributors for its line of EIFS cladding systems , direct applied systems,
extensive line of exterior finishes, and products for conventional stucco. Our lines include:• Standard barrier EIFS cladding

• Secondary barrier drainage EIFS cladding

• Direct applied finish system over cement board

• Direct applied finish system over concrete

• The complete line in the hemisphere of acrylic, water-based textured finishes for use with EIFS, DEFS,
conventional stucco, and concrete

• Elastomeric acrylic textured finishes

• Fluid applied air/moisture barrier for use with EIFS, conventional stucco and other cladding systems

• Portland cement plaster modifier for improved adhesion and mechanical properties

• Standard and extra moisture resistant acrylic modified cementitious basecoats

• Colorants and tinting systems for Corev products

Corev America has manufactured its lines in Houston, Texas since 1982. Some of the advantages
of distribution of Corev products are:

• Competitive pricing

• Technical support

• Registered installer program

• Training for distributors’ customers at distributors’ facilities

• Lunch and learn events for specifiers
• Jobsite inspection

• Rebate program

• Product development in service to local and regional distributor identified product requirements

• Hilton Hotels Corporation Suppliers Corner

When you are ready to augment your lines with a long established manufacturer serving the plaster
related trades, please contact Mauri Pineda


(713) 937-3437


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